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Brief Story of TÜKI Co.

Picture about story of TÜKI Co. In 1958 the late Ministry for Metallurgy and Machinery established the Research Station for Thermal Engineering. From 1963, under the name KGM Research Institute for Combustion Technology (TÜKI), this became the most important institution for Hungarian industrial hydrocarbon research and development.

As in other Hungarian research institutes, the ratio of state-financed orders was significant at the beginning, but in the early sixties, it became increasingly necessary to meet the demands of the market. This process was influenced favourably by the launching of the natural gas programme in Hungary. Personnel at the Institute played a very important role in the change-over process: expert at TÜKI monitored the conversion of more than 600 industrial furnaces, and more than 20.000 components of firing appliances and burners being developed by them were operating in a variety of workshops in Hungary at that time.

The primary target of TÜKI was not only research and development, but the application of R&D firings in its own manufacturing programme. In order to achieve its aim, TÜKI established its own manufacturing workshops in 1973.

Through continuous assessment of the market situation, from the second half of the sixties, TÜKI gradually extended its development and manufacturing programme from combustion appliances to a range of more complex combustion and thermal engineering systems, including industrial furnaces, dryers and thermal engineering facilities.

From 1968, TÜKI functioned economically as an almost independent Company, meeting the demand for research and development determined by the market. The change was signalled by the adaptation of a new name: Research and Development Company for Combustion Technology.

Since 1st of January 1994, TÜKI has been functioning as share company. It was in 2000 privatisated, and now the TÜKI Research and Development Company for Combustion Technology is functioning in 100% private ownership.

Designation of the Company has been changed on the 26th July 2006 to TÜKI Research and Development Company with Closed Scope of Activity. Abbreviation: TÜKI Co.

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