A TÜKI Zrt. Honlapja

Main field of activity of TÜKI Co.

The TÜKI Co. is one of the centres of Hungarian hydrocarbon research and development. Its main work is in developing and realising the following new systems and equipment.

In the field ofapplied research:

  • combustion and flame theory
  • heat and mass transfer
  • energetics and energy economy
  • research in the field of environmental protection.

In the development of systems and facilities:

  • industrial furnaces
  • technological firing appliances
  • firing systems for industrial processes and power stations
  • combustion and heat exchanger facilities
  • industrial oil and gas burners
  • safety devices for firing appliances
  • process control units for combustion equipment and furnaces.

In the fields of tests and the solicitation of expert opinion:

  • complex investigation in the field of energy rationalisation processes, finding sources of energy loss
  • thermal engineering measurements, testing of fuels
  • qualification in the field of safety engineering and energy economy
  • providing expert opinion and study plans
  • certification activity related with the emission gases featured by green-house effect (Registration number:HU-ETS-GTH-0009-06).

In the field of servicing combustion technology facilities:

  • adjusting equipment and putting it into operation
  • maintenance
  • safety inspections.

In the field of serial production:

  • compact oil and gas burners
  • heavy duty industrial oil and gas burners
  • combustion control units
  • gas magnetic valves
  • manufacturing of pneumatically operated shut-off valves.

Representation activity:

  • representation for Pyronics, Hegwein and Durag Co. in the fields of industrial burners
  • and related armatures.


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