A TÜKI Zrt. Honlapja

General presentation

Research activity was always a crucial part of innovation process at TÜKI. Development activity was from the beginnings always based on applied research and backed through:

  • skilled research and engineering personnel,
  • appropriate testing and measuring instruments tailored to specific technology,
  • close attention to the latest results of pure science

One of the most important aspects of these efforts is the "Industrial Seminar" organised annually by TÜKI, where the participants are supplied with the recent results of R&D.

TÜKI Co. has permanent relations with a number of departments of domestic colleges and universities. The close scientific and teaching contact with the University of Miskolc is co-ordinated by the Associated Department of Energy Utilisation located at TÜKI. TÜKI contributes to the work of many domestic scientific organisations, primarily to the activity of the Hungarian Scientific Society of Energy Economics and to the Hungarian Flame Science Committee.

TÜKI lays great stress on furthering its international relations. A major part of our export sales derives from representation agreements and product export activities. The Company is taking part in the work of the International Flame Research Foundation (IFRF).

We have forged strong links with the scientific community, participating in a number of international projects, and made contributions to the research and development work of the European Union.

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