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Flaring burners

Flaring burners are playing an important role in the field of petrochemical, natural gas, chemical, metallurgical and biogas producing industry providing special combustion engineering, safety and environmental protection solutions. The task of flaring burners is to dispose gases with various pressure and composition, ensuring good efficiency with minimal pollution and noise level under controlled burning conditions.

According to the conditions of burning TÜKI has been dealing with open and closed flame flaring facilities and depending on the installation circumstances high flaring and low flaring burners are produced.

In case of closed flaring appliances flame will be burnt fully in the internal part of the burner. These units achieve good efficiency and generally used in the neighbourhood of residential places to combust gases of inferior burning properties and high inert content.

The two-stage flaring burner, which consists of two burners with different capacities installed concentric together and are provided with common ignition device can be applied between wider capacity ranges.

The design of flaring burners makes possible to ensure stable flame in any circumstances, providing good burning characteristics at the same time.

The flame stability is especially important in case of utilisation of high flaring appliances of open fire, which are operating under harsh weather conditions. It is ensured by supporting burner. Number of these supporting burners is depending on the dimensions and capacity of the flaring burners. The ignition of high flaring appliances takes place with the help of running up flame.

Burning quality or combustion efficiency depends mainly on the design and the quality of gas to be disposed, but it should be always in compliance with the related standards of safety and environmental protection.

The effective flaring is very important by gases having higher susceptibility to form soot (high C/H proportion). In these cases is not enough to supply the increased amount of air, but a certain amount of steam is also needed to achieve the required results. By the flaring facilities of TÜKI smoke-free combustion and low NOx levels can be reached.

TÜKI is also dealing with manufacturing of special equipment, which can be used to flare explosion risk mixtures through flaring burners with flame arrest, flaring burners for desert environment, as well as flaring burners in mobile design. The last one is especially useful for flaring of charges of holders in case of railroad and public road accidents.

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Heavy-duty blast furnace gas flaring burner
Heavy-duty blast furnace gas flaring burner

Mobile flaring burner for railroad and public road cars in order to ensure the emergency removing of loads
Mobile flaring burner for railroad and public road cars in order to ensure the emergency removing of loads

Burner tip for biogas flaring
Burner tip for biogas flaring

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